About CIM Solutions

Learn More about C.I.M. Solutions’ Expert IT Outsourcing Company in Brampton

C.I.M. Solutions was established in 1995 by Sean Jennings with the aim of becoming a leader in the IT outsourcing industry in Brampton. Through the many years since inception, we have grown into a leading IT consulting firm specializing in IT best practices. Our hands-on management team prides themselves in their commitment to maintaining certifications for all the products and services that they represent.

We invest in continuous learning for our staff, which gives us the edge as experts in the Greater Toronto and Brampton IT services industry. Our team of qualified, expert It consultants work with our clients to come up with a bespoke IT solution for their businesses.

What C.I.M. Solutions Offers Our Clients

When partnering with C.I.M. Solutions, you receive a professional and dedicated team that has:

  • A continuously growing knowledge base;
  • A broad experience and understanding of IT best practices;
  • Exposure to a range of applications in diverse industries and
  • The ability and resources to meet your IT demands.

Aside from this, C.I.M. Solutions’ team of passionate IT consultant professionals is a fun team to work with!

We realize that new tools appear on the market all the time and that it can be difficult to keep abreast with all the innovation that is constantly flooding the market. This is why, when you ask us an IT question, our IT consultants will give you an answer you can understand.

C.I.M. Solutions as a Knowledgeable and Resourceful Partner in the IT Outsourcing Industry

As a further commitment to staying on top of the very latest developments in the industry, as well as to offer our clients the very latest cutting-edge services and information, we adhere to the following industry regulating bodies and professional organizations:

  • Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist
  • HP Certified
  • SonicWall Security Partner
  • 3Com Certified
  • Certified Voice Specialist
  • Wireless Network Certified
  • Lenovo Certified Partner
  • IBM Partner
  • D-Link Partner
  • Shoretel Registered Partner
  • Cisco Select
  • Small Business Partner
  • Control4 Partner

We are passionate about what we do and continue to work hard to provide our customers with the level of service and expertise that they have come to expect from an industry leading IT outsourcing company in Brampton. To learn more about our affordable IT outsourcing services in Brampton and Mississauga, contact C.I.M. Solutions today.

We’re a fun team to work with. Ask us IT questions and we‘ll give you answers you can understand.

New tools appear on the market all the time. Sean says “It’s our job to keep up to date on the latest technology so that we can determine what tools will work for our customers. We come to the table with knowledge, expertise and years of experience.” Gregory says, “We make sure that we supply our clients with the right tools to do their jobs. It’s always about providing access to the information their business needs to make decisions.”

C.I.M. Solutions– knowledgeable, resourceful, approachable.

Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, HP Certified, SonicWall Security Partner, 3Com Certified, Certified Voice Specialist, Wireless Network Certified, Lenovo Certified Partner, IBM Partner, D-Link Partner, Shoretel Registered Partner, Cisco Select, Small Business Partner and Control4 Partner.


C.I.M. Solutions recognizes the importance of supporting local business and local charities. Sean Jennings serves on the Membership Values and Services committee of the Brampton Board of Trade and is a big supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel in programs such as Bowl for Kids Sake.