Cloud Computing Services

Collaboration that’s easier to crack

C.I.M. Solutions Inc.’s Cloud Computing Services enable you to put the power of cloud-based technologies to use in collaborating more effectively with both clients and colleagues. Your team can share, edit and publish documents in a streamlined and unified way, enhancing everyday processes.

Better still, applications hosted using Cloud Computing Services from C.I.M. Solutions Inc. are managed remotely by our team of specialists, relieving you of the frustrations of managing IT when you already have plenty to do in your real job. You can get all of this for a flat monthly fee, bringing further cost savings and predictability to your IT budget.

Cloud Computing Services by C.I.M. Solutions Inc. are:

  • Flexible - grow your cloud capabilities as your business model demands
  • Customized - to suit the unique needs of your business
  • Empowering - collaborate and communicate from any web-enabled device
  • Inexpensive - improve your bottom line with cost effective, flat-rate services

Our powerful suite of applications includes Hosted Microsoft Dynamics and CRM, Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007, Hosted SharePoint, and web hosting. The team at C.I.M. Solutions Inc. tailors these best-in-class solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs and enables you to leverage cloud power to get the most from your IT.

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