Managed Firewall

Manage threats from within

The internet is now at the heart of daily business operations for almost every organization. But for it to perform as you need it to, your internet connection needs to be secure. C.I.M. Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive Managed Firewall and security services to protect your company’s network and systems, giving you a worry-free internet solution that allows you to get on with your job uninterrupted.

Your Managed Firewall from C.I.M. Solutions Inc. will allow "good" traffic to pass through your network and keep the "bad" traffic out, while continuously evolving to support your changing business needs.

C.I.M. Solutions Inc.’s Managed Firewall solutions provide:

  • Filtering - boost productivity and security by preventing access to specific sites
  • Protection - with live updates and upgrades to security software and hardware
  • Support - simplified management, with an overview of availability and threats
  • Savings - get all the security support you need for a flat monthly rate

Foolproof protection is now within reach.

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